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A life never boring

Viktor is a young man who lives in the western suburbs of Perth, an area also known as the Golden Triangle.  Vik went to several local schools and after leaving school he worked at a Australian Disability Enterprise (ADE) earning as little as $2 an hour.  Although Viko lived in the Golden Triangle he didn't always have a glowing golden record of fitting in. Viko has always been a bit of a square peg in a round hole, a fellow with a bit too much life, too much energy and a typical Australian larrikin sense of humor.  As such he didn't gel with tight regimented organisations such as school and formal workplaces.  Viko likes to have a laugh and get things done in his own time.

Late in 2021, after several aborted attempts at working at ADE and filling his days with "life skills" Viko launched RecyclemanPerth.  An opportunity for his community to help him by providing work in his community.  Viko started collecting eligible containers under the Containers4change Scheme and recycling them at the local centre in Shenton Park.   The community of the Golden Triangle now provide Vik with meaningful work and help Vik work towards his goal of being independent.  All this while saving the environment.

Vik's hero is Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Dwayne is a multi talented individual who worked hard to find his place in life.  Through Recycleman Perth Vik is striving to be the best that he can be, just like his hero.

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 Dwayne Johnson

The Rock

Success isn't overnight. It's when everyday you get a little better than the day before. It all adds up"


A microbusiness journey

RecyclemanPerth started in December 2021 with the purchase of six red dot 60L rubbish bins.  Vik's mum, Sue had seen the potential of the containers4change scheme on a tour of Paraquad Industries in Shenton Park.  Vik said "I want to work here".  Unfortunately, many people do not recognise Vik's talents and it was not possible. It was when Vik was unable to continue at his ADE that Sue recognized that Vik needed his own job with his own rules.  Recycleman was born. 

The  goals of RecyclemanPerth are to:

  1. provide Viktor with meaningful work

  2.  provide Viktor with connection to his community

  3.  provide Viktor with real life experience to assist him develop independence

  4. The long term goal is to have a recycleman/woman in every suburb of Perth. 


 All proceeds from recycling are directed towards these goals with the immediate set up of a sustainable enterprise as the priority.

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